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Joe Hedge, D.I.T 

I am an IATSE 600 DIT with over 5 years experience on features, indie prods, commercials, music videos, network promos and corporate shoots. I provide on-set downloading of all footage, LiveGrade color correction/camera matching, transcoding of all raw camera files to whatever specs post/editorial provides, and generally serve as liaison/coordinator between production, camera department and post.

My DIT cart is constantly being updated to facilitate the latest and most efficient workflows, but currently is based around a MacPro, Flanders 23” monitor, both internal and Pegasus2 RAID drives, Leader 5330 waveform scope, HDLink Pro LUT boxes, Smart VideoHub 12 x 12 router, full-sized cart and blackout tent.

You can view shoots I’ve D.I.T’d here:
ABC Promos
Music Videos

I also own an Arri Amira! This camera does everything an Alexa does except shoot ArriRaw – I’ve DIT’d several shoots in the past months where we had both Alexas and Amiras, and you can’t tell them apart as far as image quality and similarity.

I offer a combined camera rental and D.I.T service package where you get a discount camera renting rate for using me as your D.I.T. Contact me to find out more.